I got involved in percussion lessons as early as 4th grade.  By the time got through high school he was already involved in percussion ensembles, orchestra, marching band & drum corps, jazz band, music theory/harmony/arranging/composition classes/ community college wind symphony, and orchestra band camps during the summers.  Even though having my own interests in to mod/alt style groups such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, INXS, Midnight Oil,… It wasnt until later in high school that my older brother introduced me to a new generation of eclectic artists such as Faith No More, Fishbone, Primus, Jane’s Addiction, and his entire view of rhythmic possibilities got flipped on it’s head.  


My first attempt in a band was an a group with my older brother (who played bass) called THE WAKING GUILD.  After moving from California to Michigan, I got involved in a blues/funk/jazz/rock band called THE GREEN ROOM with a style more closer to Dave Matthews Band and Bare Naked Ladies.  The had the opportunity to play at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Park City UT due to connections made with Jay Froberg of MGM studios (they even played a house party of his in Venice CA).  By 2003 though, the band had gone their separate ways. 


From 2008-2013, I had my own personal project called MUDFLAPS AND SIPPYCUPS where friends and family all apart of and collaborated on.  Under this project, I released 3 albums (ET AL, NO HASSLE, and MONEKY VS DRAGONS) all at once. 

After a drum refab/remodel, he had the urge to get out of the basement, away from the computer, and back out on the stage. but I wanted to go try his hand at something hard, aggressive, complex, tribal, something that was opposite of THE GREEN ROOM.


 by laurentian tides

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