My passion for music really took off in 1999. I went to the Family Values tour with my sister Jackie and knew from then on I wanted to make music. I would pick up baseball bats or pool sticks and act like they were guitars and rock out. Luckily enough my sisters friend left a beat up acoustic guitar at my house and I picked it up and started messing around. Soon after that I got a electric guitar and started learning nothing but Tool songs. Started a garage band with my buddy Nick and played neighborhood parties. 


In high school started a band called Split Earth with my buddies Jon and Mike. I had big hopes and thought we could really be something but i guess life got in the way. Took a 2-3 year break from really trying to do anything with music. I went on a trip to California and saw the Deftones at the Greek Theater and felt that spark again. This trip really set things in motion for me because i nearly sold all my gear and guitars. 

 I told myself I had to try again and I saw a craigslist post and decided to e-mail them. It was then when i received a e-mail from Richard. I decided hell why not lets give this another try and we have been making music ever since.


 by laurentian tides

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