Laurentian Tides is an intricate Nu-Core Metal band formed in Grand Rapids, MI during 2015. After enduring a few line up changes, the band currently consists of vocalist Alejandro Aguirre, guitarist Bill Hughes, bass guitarist Kenny Herrick, and percussionist Richardoug.

Finding a common ground in avoiding the common structures of today's music. Laurentian Tides allowed their song writing to truly venture further into the complexities of humanity's abyss.

After unveiling their music early on in their career. Laurentian Tides released their debut album, Sacred Geometry, in July of 2017.  In late 2018, the band went into Avenger Audio to record their first full length studio album, In the Wake of the Great Collapse. With an expected early 2020 release date.

Label / Kartezhun Ltd,, 616-403-7084
Management & Booking /Alejandro Aguirre or Richardoug,, 920-327-9470  


 by laurentian tides

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